Why Travel Medicine clinic?

Travel Medicine clinic is health care service providers especially for Travelers. The travel medicine clinic provides the best service not only to international travelers but also national travelers as well. In addition to that we ensure that there is no any barriers. Barriers basically mean either cultural or language. Travelers receiving healthcare should not face any kind of barriers that affect their sound health. International Medicare, a pioneer travel medicine clinic Pokhara has all types of travel hospital facilities.

International Medicare for Personalized Patient Services

Travel Medicine Clinic

Why Travel Medicine Clinic?

Nepal has incredible beautiful. From dynamic geography to dense forests to snow capped mountains, Nepal is adventurous. However, the same beauty of geography has it’s own side effects. It affects the people who have not habit of travelling or adventure. Age factors also may be the problem. Travelers from all across the globe travel to Nepal. Travel Medicine Clinic is here to help you with this. International Medicare, a travel medicine clinic provides quick and responsive healthcare to travelers in certain scenarios.

Travel Medicine Clinic

Why International Medicare as Travel Medicine Clinic?

International Medicare is a non-profit travel medicine clinic located in Lakeside ,Pokhara, Nepal. Furthermore, our one common goal is to provide excellent care so that it promotes good and long health. Our medical care includes very personal attention to the details that help make all patients feel at home. International Medicare provides the patient with all the physical relief made possible by modern medicine. It manages to balance the philosophical concept of human dignity cherished by the facility needs of patient care. We provides a network of support services and nursing care by meeting individual’s physical , spiritual, and emotional needs. With full fledged facility and the care , we can assure you guaranteed satisfaction during your stay at the hospital. We don’t say Celestial as hospital rather we call it “homely medical care center ” and you too will accept it after your stay here at International Medicare.

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Are you a traveler to Pokhara? International Medicare is a medical center and travel hospital. It is a health care clinic.This travellers clinic Pokhara is a health care centre with all the health facilities for travellers. Get care in a homely environment at travellers hospital Pokhara. A travel medicine hospital and clinic. Patient Contact Room Number: 00977-61464368
, Doctor Contact Room Number: 00977-9846054520
, Hospital Contact Room Number: 00977-61464368 Email: info@internationalmedicare.org Hours: Su Open 24 Hours Mo Open 24 Hours Tu Open 24 Hours We Open 24 Hours Th Open 24 Hours Fr Open 24 Hours Sa Open 24 Hours
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