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What do you think about Travel Medicine Hospital and Travel Medicine Clinic?

At first, let us be clear about Travel Medicine Hospital and Clinic. Basically, we think Travel Medicine Hospital is the hospital which can travel from one place to another place to provide health service to the traveler. Travel Medicine is that the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention and management of health issues of international travelers.  The hospital which is specially opened for the foreign traveler who came to visit our country is Travel Medicine Hospital. Travel Medicine Clinic is same as Travel Medicine Hospital; the difference is one is the hospital and another is the clinic.  International Medicare and Association Center is one of the Travel Medicine Hospital; which is providing health service to the foreign tourist since 1999.

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A brief description of Travel Medicine Hospital

There are many hospitals and clinics which are opened for treatment. Some of them are big with lots of facilities and some are small. Every type of health-related treatment will be provided there. Every patient will get same treatment facility. But there is need of hospital just for the tourist who came to visit our country. Travel Medicine Hospital is just for the tourist who came from the different place of the world for trekking and tour. Before that, they have to do health insurance; so that they will be treated well if they got sick during travel. We cannot open big hospitals on each side of the country so small travel medicine clinic is opened.

In Travel Medicine Hospital, only the foreign tourist will get treatment. They will get any types of health services for the betterment of their health. They will get full care and treatment and have the homely environment.

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Why Travel medicine Hospital?

Nepal’s incredible beauty is attributed to its extreme geography from its tropical jungles to the tallest snow-capped mountains on the planet. The same geography, however, will have its toll on the adventure seekers; who come to this country from across the globe. Many travelers travel Nepal and sometimes the traveler get sick. Normally, they don’t want to go to the public hospitals because they want their privacy. So travel medicine hospital or travel medicine clinic is necessary. Hence, we don’t know what type of the tourist will travel our country some adjust themselves to the environment but some cannot; they want the facilities which they get in their country’s facility.

That is where International Medicare comes to the picture. We provide quick and responsive healthcare to those in need in a manner that is necessary for tourists in certain scenarios. And are committed to providing full care and treatment to our patient in a homely stay here. We are dedicated to all our valued well-wisher and patronage in providing support and suggestions during different times. With More than sixteen years of experience; dedicated and caring staffs and tranquil atmosphere will leave no comment on our management and hospitality. More than four thousand foreign patients from different countries have been served in our Healthcare; so we hope that they were sheer satisfied. Since we have treated the serious case of our valued patient with the collaboration of Manipal Hospital and Research center situated in Pokhara.

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Our Services

  • Clinic hours and emergency services
  • Social services
  • Outpatient services
  • Ambulance service
  • Fees and billing
  • 24 hours service
  • Pharmaceutical services
  • Nursing services
  • Ancillary medical services
  • Discharge planning services
  • Social work services
  • Insurance claim services
  • Nutritional services
  • Emergency and trauma services
  • Free pre trekking advice and counsel
  • Medical escorting
  • Hotel visit
  • Internship program
  • Online advice
  • Volunteer service
  • Assistance

Benefits of Travel medicine Hospital

First of all, no one is perfectly fine. And we have to maintain our health so have to know about our health condition. In addition, to know about our health condition we have to check it. So that you have to attain hospital. Likewise, travel medicine hospital are also made for checkup our health but especially relevant for the foreign traveler who came to visit our country. Travel medicine hospital is very useful for those who travel different places. Hence, some benefits of travel medicine hospital are:

  • The traveler can get good treatment facility
  • Homely environment to all the foreign tourist
  • The patient with all the physical relief made possible by modern medicine
  • Provides a network of support services and nursing care by meeting individual’s physical, spiritual, and emotional needs
  • Share a common value-providing excellent care that promotes long good health
  • Deliver high-quality service
  • Serve patients promptly, with consideration and dignity

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