Why visit a travelers clinic?

You should definitely visit a travelers clinic so that you will be able to enjoy your travels. You may not face any health issues, but you should go to travelers clinic. Most of the governments highly recommend to visit a travelers clinic before you leave your country. In addition to that, if you are travelling to any area, infectious diseases may be prevelant. There are a few key reason for this guidance. Visiting a travelers clinic before you leave can help alleviate most of issues. Furthermore, it helps you to stay safe and happy while traveling.

Reasons to visit to Travelers Clinic

  • It can be expensive getting sick on your trip and also for others.
  • You need to be airlifted or otherwise removed from the country.
  • You can pose a threat to yourself as well as other travelers and local people.
  • If you bringing back an infection, it can endanger the health of your friends, family, coworkers and community members.
  • If you fall ill while abroad, it isn’t fun
  • Medical professionals like to enjoy your trip while keeping yourself and others safe.

International Medicare & Assistance Center is a non-profit, regional referral center. This travelers clinic is located in Lakeside ,Pokhara. Travelers clinic cares for patient from local people to the foreign tourists. A group of passionate doctors decided to establish this travel hospital in 1999. Since then it has become a highly developed center for Emergency Medical Care and Nursing. As a pioneer travelers clinic, we share a common value-providing excellent care that promotes good health and well being. It provides a range of services.

Travelers Clinic Pokhara

International Medicare provides full care and treatment to travelers in a homely stay here. More than four thousand travelers from different countries have been served in our Health care and we hope that they were sheer satisfied. We have treated the serious case of our valued patient with the collaboration of Manipal Hospital and Research center situated in Pokhara. Contact International Medicare for all the facilities that a travelers require. In addition to that enjoy your trip in the safest way possible. Return home with memories, not with diseases.

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Are you a traveler to Pokhara? International Medicare is a medical center and travel hospital. It is a health care clinic.This travellers clinic Pokhara is a health care centre with all the health facilities for travellers. Get care in a homely environment at travellers hospital Pokhara. A travel medicine hospital and clinic. Patient Contact Room Number: 00977-61464368
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